I’m Ryan.

You’re probably wondering what a “Ryview” is.

Well, it’s a review. 

By me, Ryan. 

Ryan Review. 


What will I be reviewing (ryviewing)? Video games! (and occasionally other things)

But, unfortunately, as much as I love playing video games, I also love being able to pay for rent and food.

And not only that, but my free time is precious. I hate wasting time on free games that ultimately disappoint. So, my reviews will focus on free games, cheap games, old games, whatever I’m in the mood for (and whatever’s requested!). I want to help you decide the best games upon which to spend your free time.


How are Ryviews Scored?

I don't actually score Ryviews anymore. I'm going for a more free form approach where I'll talk about what I like about the game and what I don't like about the game. Then I'll let you make the decision for yourself. Who the hell cares what I think, right?

What if I want to recommend a game?

Feel free to comment on an article or video and tell me your suggestion! 

I hate your site.

We're all entitled to our own opinions.

I love your site.

I most appreciate love in the form of crisp $20 bills.

"Legacy Scoring"

Ryviews will be based on a score of 1-10, comprised of the following categories:

1) Time Value (Is it worth your time?)

2) Money Value (Is it worth your money?)

3) Originality (Is the concept new and exciting?)

4) Ryplayability (How well do the controls work?)

5) Fulfillment (How do I feel after I finish playing?)

Strictly speaking, most of the games I ryview will have a money value of 10. Kind of a pointless category, but I want to emphasize that they have higher scores for a reason, they're free!

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