Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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I'm back!

Hi Everybody!

I'm back. For semi-real this time!

It's happened before...I disappear for a few days, weeks, months. This last time was 2 years.

Part of it is just life; I have a job, that pays money, and I have to do work for it. Back when I started this whole venture I was less busy there. And I became enamored with indoor rock climbing 3 days a week, which monopolized a whole lot of evenings!

Now, with COVID-19 rearing its ugly head, I'm back at it (it being Ryviews) due to an abundance of free time. What does that mean for you, the single person reading this post? I'll break it down (but not in a fun dancing and/or rhythmic way):

1) I'm making content again. Almost entirely youtube videos. They'll be posted here, but I'm not expecting to add a whole lot of ryviews.com exclusive written content (as of right now).

2) Just like before, so far this project has made me exactly $0. You may say "But Ryan, there are ads on this page! What gives?". And you're right, but Google Adsense only pays people who make at least $100, and in the multiple years I've done this, guess what? I haven't met that threshold. Now, that doesn't bother me, I know this isn't exactly a sound business practice. I'm doing this for fun. My long term goal isn't really for this to be a full time paying gig, although I'd like to be able to have this blog pay for buying games that I can later showcase on the blog. That's the dream...

3) This is an ugly, ugly website. I know nothing about art, or html5, and all evidence points to me never being able to bother learning. For now, that's why this site isn't going to be my target area. I love writing, but this isn't really where my effort is going to focused. I also love video editing, and between you and me, I think I'm better at it than whatever this bullshit is. So, for now, if you like this website (and trust me, if you do, you're probably the only one), I'm sorry that I won't be churning out nice long rambling posts about my own inane opinions. However! I encourage you to tune into my youtube channel, because it's still full of my inane opinions, it's just in a different format.

4) If you're really keen on me doing more writing, let me know! Comment, email, send a carrier pigeon, anything works! If there's interest, I'll rethink my focus.

Until next time, loyal reader (I would say readers, but let's be real...I'm actually kinda thinking singular reader is optimistic).


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