Saturday, August 19, 2017

"So They've Just Stopped Making Them Look Like Games" - Groundhog Life Ryview

Groundhog Life, by egosummo.

Groundhog life is an idle game (sort of). It's actually a time management game that transitions into an idle game once you've reset your game enough. This isn't necessarily new to idle games, but if you look at the two main fields, clicker and time management, this is 100% in the latter.

It's not a pretty game. I'm not even sure it's a fun game, in a strict sense of the word. But I'm obsessed with it.

Like, super obsessed.

It's actually quite compelling. You're simulating the life of some dude who starts out working at a fast food place. As you level up each job, you're able to get a promotion and therefore get a better title and more money. You're also able to research things that give you a boost, either interest on money, or earning job xp faster, or researching faster, that kind of thing. And the time you devote to each task has to be balanced with how much sleep you get.

There's also home choice, food choice, upgrades like having a personal assist, and boosts like drinking caffeine. It's actually a pretty awesome simulator. And then when you reach age 60, you get some weird "time dilation" and you're able to reset to 18, getting a boost for every level you reached for all your jobs and research.

The interface is bland, but it serves its purpose well. The GUI is functional and straightforward, so I actually respect that I'm not confused with any frills. The gameplay is simple, andI don't really like the clicker-ness of lots of idle games, so having one purely based on time management is very refreshing.

It takes a lot of caretaking early on though. Before you unlock the idle mechanics, you have to self manage promotions, research, boosts, all of it. And that means you can't really just let this run and idle your way up. And even after unlocking all those boosters, it still requires some adjustments because you can't auto upgrade your home or food. It also has a cap on offline earnings (and if I do say so myself, it's quite low).

I won't spoil the later game, but rest assured there's a fun little twist to this game that makes it infinitely more puzzling. And it's really motivating me to "finish", although I honestly don't even know if that's possible.

So, I'd recommend this game if you like sims. And if you like idle games, this is probably worth the few days of slog before you're able to let it run free (mostly). If you're turned off by visually unappealing games, or if you don't want to have to think a bit, this game is probably best left unplayed.

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