Monday, June 26, 2017

Legally Distinguishable Katamari - Idle Roller Flash Ryview

Idle Roller, by Truefire.

Do any of you Katamari? That game where you roll around and collect stuff to gain mass? Well, now there's an idle game that totally rips off that concept!

However, there isn't really much of a comparison after that. In Idle Roller, you're a ball that's rolling up houses. There's a certain mystique to having no storyline, no motivation, no settings, just a ball. When you load the game there's a little screen that tells you what 5 things on the screen are. Then you're rolling over houses.

You earn mass from absorbing the houses that you can spend on upgrades. You also earn gold, for some reason. And you can buy different upgrades with the gold. The reset mechanic is nice, you "rollback" the ball so you start back at the beginning. Then there's a harder reset where you lose all your progress and rollback bonus but now everything happens faster. 2 resets! What is this, Spider-Man?

At any rate, for an idle game, it has its trait down. There's almost nothing to do. You can click to make the ball go faster,  but that gets really overpowered by upgrades after about 5 minutes. And as far as I can tell there's no way to upgrade how much your input matters. So it's pretty idle-y. But that also ends up being the game's chief problem. It's boring.

There's not really much to do or look at. Maybe their goal was to have you log in for 5 minutes, spam so upgrades, and leave. But I like an idle game where you're managing things and setting up for a win. In this, you really just watch a ball. It doesn't even grow (which seems to be the biggest complain in the comments on Kongregate). I want the skyline in the background to get smaller or something. I want to see bigger and bigger houses destroyed. I want some sort of progress. Now the only progress is a few more houses that get sucked up (unceremoniously, I might add).

I want more to do in this game, or failing that, more to look at. It's a solid idle game for a combined few hours over the course of a week, but that hardly has staying power. I think some quick fixes could make watching the game much more entertaining, and that would certainly heighten my enjoyment.

I like to the think the world wronged that ball in some way, and now he's out for revenge. What do you think?

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