Friday, May 19, 2017

SHIELD Intercepts Leave Marvel Puzzle Quest - Ryview RyPort

Hi Everybody!

Just when you thought "is he finally done with this blog?" I swoop back in with some weird slightly-news post.


A quick note on that: I've made a lot of lofty goals in the past: I'll post one article every weekday! I won't disappear for months between posts! I'll wear pants today!

At this point, given how busy I've been with my actual paying job and so forth, I think it's time to lay out a new mission statement: I will make new posts when I'm willing an able. There may be gaps. It may be off topic. It may be inconsistent. But in the long run, this isn't go away. My incoherent babbling will go on for years to come. It just may not happen for some of the intervening months...

Anywho, time for a news!