Monday, April 17, 2017

Idling With A Twist of Sim City - Bit City Ryview

Bit City, by NimbleBit.

I started playing Bit City because an io9 article told me to. It's not my proudest moment, but I can say that it's a fairly enjoyable way to spend your time tapping.

It's an idle game where you are building a city, constructing cars, and changing the building every few seconds because "Fuck it, I'm the mayor". When you finish a city, you start a new, bigger city. It works for the clicker genre very well, since you have some nice upgrades, a conventional reset system, and enough variety in what you're tapping to pass the time. It also has cute little stats for your ever changing buildings, which are usually good for a chuckle.

The premium currency is fairly available through gameplay, which I like. And there are missions to earn more of it, which also gives me a nice goal to play towards. There are also some paid upgrades, and of course you can buy premium currency as well, but that thankfully does not feel like the focus. There is a function to watch an ad to double your income for a rather short period of time, and also to double your away money once you sign back in, so if you're dedicated you can still make sure the developer is gettin' paid.

These are some tall friggin' pictures...[2]

My biggest complaint about Bit City is the absolutely terrible offline income. It saves a low percentage (I think it starts at 10%, but upgradeable) for a small amount of time (starts around 2 hours, but upgradeable). The time is pretty easy to get higher, and especially as you cruise through the game you'll be able to get it to a more reasonable 8 hours or so, but getting the percentage up requires premium currency, and lots of it if you want to make a dent. It's very frustrating, and it cements this game as a clicker more than an idle.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still enjoy it, but I like when I'm able to get solid offline earnings. And you have to spend some serious time on each city before you're even able to let it run on its own with the app open. So it takes awhile for the idle to kick in. This becomes slightly less of a problem as you increase your starting income, but it still ends up taking quite some time before you can feasibly turn away.

I'd recommend it to people who like tapping games, especially if you're a fan of the city building genre (or if you're an actual city planner...this probably counts for course credit or something). If you're more in to the idle games where you set something in motion and let it be after 5 minutes, this isn't your style of idle.

Let me know what you think about the game in the comments!

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