Monday, April 17, 2017

Idling With A Twist of Sim City - Bit City Ryview

Bit City, by NimbleBit.

I started playing Bit City because an io9 article told me to. It's not my proudest moment, but I can say that it's a fairly enjoyable way to spend your time tapping.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Archer Season 8 Episode 1: No Good Deed Ryview

Hi Everybody!

Archer is back!

And so am I!

After a month of absence (sorry about that, single reader), I'm proud to announce my triumphant return to writing articles (and making videos!!1!) that no one will watch or read. Except for you, apparently...

At any rate, true to form with my usual off-topicness, my return article is a ryview of a tv episode (it's like a game, except, well, it's nothing like a game).

So enjoy...

Archer Season 8, Episode 1: No Good Deed

WARNING: The following post will contains mild spoilers for the previous season on Archer, so if you haven't watched season 7, go to your shame corner and turn on netflix. I will avoid spoiling *almost* anything from Season 8.