Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Plot for The Batman (2018(?) Movie)

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Usually my "The Plot for" articles are entirely parody and/or humor. In this case, I actually wanted to have a serious discussion with all of you about how this movie needs to go.

"This movie needs all the help it can get" - Ben Affleck, probably, when he abandoned directing it [1]

Let's start with a few facts/opinions/rumors:

1) Regardless of any behind the scenes shenanigans going on right now, it still looks like Batfleck (probably) will be facing off against DeathJoe (Deathstroke played by Joe Manganiello, official cute mashup name in progress).

2) It was heavily implied during BvS:DoJ (because fuck the full title) that the Joker had already killed Jason Todd. This is also probable given the film's numerous references and homages to The Dark Knight Returns, which featured a Batman who retired due to Jason's death.

3) There is apparently a Nightwing movie in production, which helps solidify the probably theory that Robin as Dick Grayson has come and gone.

Now, I know what you're thinking: I spent 2 minutes reading that pile of facts? What have you done for me lately?

Shut up and buckle in.

BvS got a lot of flack because Batman was pretty damn intense in that movie (and although I've disputed that he killed very many people if you accept superhero physics, he still did some pretty messed up shit regardless). Wouldn't it make sense if this is a Batman who saw his partner brutally murdered at the hands of the Joker (possibly recently)?

If we go down that road, The Batman could see Bruce fresh off his stint with the Justice League and realizing he needs a partner. Nightwing is off in Bludhaven, and Bruce pays him a visit. Dick is understandably in the GTFO mood, so they go their separate ways.

Pictured: Nightwing from a much better incarnation [2]

Enter Tim Drake, more boy genius than boy wonder, who has figured out Bruce Wayne in Batman through (just like in the comics) second grade reasoning skills. He thinks Batman needs a partner, Batman doesn't want him, but eventually agrees because plot.

And then we get Deathstroke (who probably has a history with Nightwing given their comic counterparts). Maybe Nightwing tracks him to Gotham, and Batman claims jurisdiction. Who knows. Regardless, they begrudgingly work together to take him down, all while training up young Tim to be a fantastic Red Robin.

This movie would do a few things. I would set up a Nightwing movie very well, fitting in with DC's apparent obsession with including characters in movies before their own standalone movie. And it would fix people's problems with this killer Batman. He's hurting, and he needs Tim to mellow out. By the end, he could be a reformed Batman who is much more forgivey and less face-pummely.

He should end up more like this guy [3]

And not only that. You could hit home with some serious character development for the whole Bat family. You could have flashbacks to both the previous Robin's, which would give a nice avenue for a Joker and probably Harley cameo. You could hint at possible Batgirl and Red Hood storylines in the future. This would have the best possible springboard for repairing what is turning out to be more turd than superhero (the DC Cinematic Universe).

But this probably won't get made. We'll probably get some awful broody movie with too many grays that has some more flashbacks about Martha Wayne dying, paired with long mournful gazes as Ben Affleck looks into his fireplace and action sequences involving a shaky camera, cheap 3D gags, and Bat-submachine guns.

Because the people in charge don't know what the hell they're doing.

Anywho, tell me what you think. Or don't. Screw you.

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