Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Adventures at PAX South!

Hi Everybody!

I thought I'd do a quick ryview of the PAX South 2017 experience!

AppJunkies Live: The Worst Games Ever Made Panel

This was a wonderful panel where 7 or so drunk internet personalities played atrocious games on the iPhone. Such gems as Inappropriate Llama Disaster, My Baby Seals, Split on a Brick, and several games from other countries that are unpronounceable. It was great, and everyone's life would be better if they saw this panel.

Clank: A Deck-Building Adventure

Clank was an awesome deckbuilder where you spelunk into a dungeon to steal treasure. There's 3 different currencies: movement, fighting, and buying. The blend of dungeon crawl and deck building is pretty great, and this game did a good job of delivering a solid adventuring experience.

Light Fall - Immersive Platformer

I played this demo and I instantly fell in love. It's a cool little platformer where you're running around in a dark atmosphere, clinging to walls to get vertical movement (fairly similar to Super Meat Boy). But after a minute or so in the demo, you unlock this floating box that functions as an extra jump pad. From there, the gameplay was pretty unique, using the box to get you across chasms or avoid obstacles. I can't wait to see what kind of spacial puzzles this will involve.


I actually have a friend who works for the one of the companies involved with Rime. So it was the first thing I did at PAX. This was a solid demo. Very pretty artwork, good puzzles. I wasn't crazy about the fact that I had to demo it on a Playstation controller (I'm an Xbox man), but it was still a really fun game.

Those were my highlights. Anyone want to share theirs? Use the comment section! (it's getting pretty dusty down there)

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