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Rogue One Spoiler Filled Discussion

Rogue One, directed by Gareth Edwards.

This is the spoiler filled version of this post.

If you want to stay spoiler free, turn back now!!

I'm serious.

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Okay, is everyone else gone?

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Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let's talk turkey (or whatever game bird you desire).

I was very bothered right at the beginning that there was no opening fanfare. I know it's a side story, but every most of the canon comics nowadays have an opening crawl text (it just doesn't crawl). This felt naked without it. And when the title block did appear, it really seemed shoehorned in. Did anyone else get that impression?

Saw was creepy as fuck. But he was a pretty interesting character. I'm excited to rewatch his appearance in Clone Wars (and apparently he's coming to Rebels as well).

The resemblance isn't super strong, though [2]

My biggest issue with the movie was the CGI people. When I saw Tarkin, I assumed he'd be shown in silhouette or reflection and it would be fine, glanced over CGI. However, due to his large role, I understood why they had to include him fully. But when not use a new actor. The Harry Potter movies replaced Dumbledore and we all said "sure, we understand the real world is a bitch" and moved on.

But to play devil's advocate for myself, I heard feedback that people loved seeing the same faces, the same sets, the same everything that they remember from Episode IV. So maybe it was important to keep him as precise as possible. And they did do a very good job. But in 20 years, we'll look back and talk about how awful it looks.

Plus, General Dodonna was there with a new actor. Why not CGI him too, huh?

Now, Leia bothered me more. She seemed less realistic honestly, and even though she was in less of the film, I found her less believable. And I think it's a bigger sin in this case too because more people know the actress, know the character, and they noticed a lot. I saw lots of chatter on comment boards that casual fans didn't even notice Tarkin was CGI. I don't think Leia fooled anyone.

Now, past that, I'm also irked that everyone died. I know the reason of "oh, they aren't in the originals, so they must be dead" but that disregards everything we know about the rebel alliance in the current canon. It's a group of small rebel cells that operate largely independently. Any of these rebels could have easily been on a secret mission doing god knows what during Episode IV. It's not like they were twiddling their thumbs waiting for the plans to show up. They were running with them, and I'm sure they kept doing other stuff while they waited. There's no reason these rebels had to be around.

I know Rendar isn't canon anymore, but it's a great example [3]

But, at the same time, I think the movie had a lot of depth because they made that choice. It gave it a dour, dark flair that I think will really help set it apart from the Episodes.

The beginning confused some of my family members because they didn't realize the young girl before the title block was the same as the woman who wakes up in the cell afterwards. There was no mention of a time skip onscreen. I knew it already because I knew Mads was playing her father and I knew her character name was Jyn Erso, but apparently it was confusing. That, mixed with people not knowing who the imperial pilot was vs Cassian, led to wonder. I thought it was fine, but I'm me. Most people aren't.

K2 was definitely the show stealer for me. And his relationship development with Jyn was spot on. it was by far and away the best personal development in the movie. When she gave him that blaster I felt the feels, and when he died I think I almost teared up (for a droid).

And being a Rebels fanboy, hearing them call out to "General Syndulla" over the intercom made me squeal in the theater. Me, a grown man with facial hair, screaming like an idiot because there was finally a Rebels easter egg on the big screen.

That sums up why I liked the movie.

Sorry that this list was mostly rants. I really did like most of it.

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