Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Batman Killing People - Rybuttal

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It's time for another rybuttal.

I know you're all excited, but try to keep it contained enough to read the article.

A video was recently posted "confirming" all the people that Batman killed in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I had the unique pleasure of watching on a plane ride yesterday (because that way I could see it without paying for it again, good stuff), so this is pretty solid timing for a reaction.

I want to set the record straight. That video (Which you may want to watch before reading this, or don't, it's not my video) is slanted and biased towards a very broad view of killing. So let's get into some details:

Batman branding someone with the batarang does not kill them. Whether or not that results in an effective death sentence once they're in prison does not make Batman a murderer. It can potentially make him complicit (as the video does indeed mention), but the video narrator then claims this counts as a murder, which is ridiculous.

The same is true for when he hits someone who is carrying a grenade. The grenade killed 2 people, and while Batman was responsible for stopping the bad guys short of throwing it, Batman didn't send the grenade over there. That was the bad guy getting killed by his own weapon.

And most of the people he attacks in that building fight don't necessarily die. Now, I get it; in the real world they would have probably all died in the hospital afterwards. But this is not the real world. Batman would have probably died a few times in that fight too. This is a comic book movie. People get hit the head, knocked out, and wake up fine the next morning. Welcome to the wonderful world of medical science in comic books. It's unrealistic, sure, but I don't think any of those normal guys died.

Now, he definitely did kill a few people. Cars exploding, batmobile tires literally going through some guy's head, batman blowing up a flamethrower; those were all definitely murders. Once again, the video glosses over an important point. Some interpretations of Batman involve murdering and complacency in deaths.

Why is this more important than the video made it out to be? Because this movie is heavily influenced by The Dark Knight Returns. It's a grim, gritty, horrifying look at a seasoned batman who kills people and fights Superman with that very super armor that was featured in the movie. If you look at this movie as a very loose adaptation (at least of the final act of that book), Batman killing doesn't seem so out of place.

This was shown in the video as well. Pretty fucking brutal. [2]

Now, in the normal DC universe, sure, Batman doesn't really kill people. But this is not the normal comics universe; it's a dark, dismal take on the DC universe (Where some are even speculating Superman may become a bad guy based on that weird Flash vision). People need to stop getting so caught up in this stupid shit.

And by the way. Most of the people Batman murdered were done so in self defense. Not exactly the cold blooded killer than some are making him out to be.

Honestly, the much more out of character thing for Batman in my mind was the fact that Superman calls him Bruce and he doesn't even flinch. WTF.

Do you regret staring in this movie?...You will...[3]

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