Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Batman Killing People - Rybuttal

Hi Everybody!

It's time for another rybuttal.

I know you're all excited, but try to keep it contained enough to read the article.

A video was recently posted "confirming" all the people that Batman killed in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I had the unique pleasure of watching on a plane ride yesterday (because that way I could see it without paying for it again, good stuff), so this is pretty solid timing for a reaction.

I want to set the record straight. That video (Which you may want to watch before reading this, or don't, it's not my video) is slanted and biased towards a very broad view of killing. So let's get into some details:

Friday, December 23, 2016

Rogue One Spoiler Filled Discussion

Rogue One, directed by Gareth Edwards.

This is the spoiler filled version of this post.

If you want to stay spoiler free, turn back now!!

I'm serious.

Rogue One Spoiler Free Movie Ryview

Rogue One, directed by Gareth Edwards.

This is the spoiler free version of this review.

For the spoiler filled post movie discussion, click here!

Let's start with the basics. This movie is pretty awesome. I've seen it multiple times now (with different groups of people) and I've walked away satisfied every time. So the tl;dr version of this post is go see it, it's a great movie.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Where The Hell Have I Been!?!

Well, it's a long story.

Or maybe it's short. I've been super busy with work.

Actual paying-the-rent kind of work.

Sorry everybody.