Monday, October 17, 2016

Where The Hell Is The Simpsons - Animation Throwdown - iOS Ryview

Animation Throwdown, by Kongregate.

Ever wanted to play a card game based on a bunch of Fox animated comedies? Good news, everyone! Because for some reason it exists!

Now, I'll be honest, I enjoy the game. It's a solid card game, and it has enough humor injected into the tutorial that I wanted to give it an honest chance. Playing through now for probably about a month, it's getting a little stale, but it's still pretty good at its core.

The game revolves around collecting more powerful cards for your deck to do battle in convention lane-style fighting. Your goal in a match is to drain the enemy's health to 0. Unlike several games I've played, all bleedthrough damage hits the opponent, which can make for some pretty fast no win scenarios in fights. Also, there is definitely a wall as far as what cards you have, since more powerful cards can wreck enemies very quickly.

But the gem that makes this game shine is the combo mechanic. The cards fall into two different categories: characters and items. Many of the characters can combine with many of the items to form awesome and game changing cards, including some great skills like gaining attack whenever you attack, or stealing health. Or bombing nearby cards. It's a good game for good card effects.

The research system for these combos is a little slow for my tastes, but to be fair it has indeed kept me playing so I can keep researching new ones. The daily quests also help with the "well I guess I have to play this today" mentality, although that isn't really a ringing endorsement. My main complaint about that system is that the only way to get premium currency (without money) is to complete all daily quests, and I'm hesitant to upgrade cards or buy packs after those quests for fear of running out of money (or giggitywatts, the card upgrade currency), and therefore being unable to get premium currency. So honestly those quests slow my achievements in the game down a bit.

This screenshot is terrible. No one has that many purple cards without paying a looooooot of money [2]

And as I mentioned, the game gets a bit repetitive. There are different characters you can embody, but they do little to  change your gameplay. And you could technically cycle cards around to change your deck, but I pretty much have all my best cards in my deck already. So each battle is basically the same. I enjoy the jokes from the card combos (most of them are from humorous moments in the various shows) but since I don't get better cards very often most of those jokes are quite stale now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still playing it, and I have no intention to stop. But I don't really feel good about it. I'd say give it a try if you like the shows or card games, but if it's not your cup of tea, move onto something else without much of a second thought.

Especially if they refuse to add the damn Simpsons. I would probably be gushing undying love for this game if it included the Simpsons. Seriously, it was produced by Fox. What's so hard about including the best and most iconic of the set? Really, get it together, game!

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