Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Peli Peli Kitchen - Restaurant Ryview

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I don't know if I've done a restaurant ryview yet, so I'll treat this like my first one!

If you live in Houston, you should definitely read this. If you don't, feel free to go to another article, because this is about a restaurant in Houston. Or travel to Houston and eat here. Or ignore me and don't eat here. I'm not your supervisor.

Peli Peli previously had 2 locations in Houston. It's a South African style restaurant with some really good carrot soup and steaks. Peli Peli Kitchen is a fast casual style restaurant that just opened at Campbell and I-10. It has a similar style for sure, but its menu is certainly more focused.

They offer a list of meats that can be served with some sides or placed on a naan taco or brioche buns. I had the Africkin' Chicken Tender on a Brioche Bun and my fiancee had the Huguenot Porkbelly on a naan taco.

I was pleasantly surprised that several toppings were added without prompting, including fried onion strings, which I'm rather partial to. And Micaela was extremely happy to see the presence of peppadews. There were also some nice sauces available like a spicy orange, and garlic.

Look at those gorgeous fried onion strings [2]

Both entrees were phenomenal. Very well prepared, well seasoned, and it came with hot sauce that I really liked (very similar to Franks if you're familiar). The chicken had a very good breading, it was crunchy and flavorful. And with the toppings it was a solid meal. I'm not a huge fan of porkbelly, but the Peli Peli Huguenot sauce is my favorite on their steaks.

We also tried the sides of Truffle Fries and Candied Sweet Potatoes, both of which were very well liked as well. There's a mini Coca-Cola Freestyle machine as well, which I'm usually a fan of, although this time the flavors were mixing particularly badly. My so-called Diet Coke tasted quite a bit like Barq's Root Beer. And I don't mean "hmm, this tastes a bit odd" but more like "this is at least 50% Barq's."

The ordering counter service style, so it was very fast. And the executive chef was there with his employees, offering advice on what to order why and which toppings go with what. Very friendly and very helpful.

For anyone who's enjoyed Peli Peli, this is a great new experience. It's fresh and new with interesting and different menu items, but still has the same high quality as the other Peli Peli locations.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who likes food. Seriously, it's really damn good.

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