Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend Post! - Ryan's Grypes - Marvel: Contest of Champions

Hi Everybody!

It's time for trying out a new article: Ryan's Grypes!

This time around, it's focused on Marvel: Contest of Champions!

Let's start with the Champion system. The only way to get champions is through random crystals or destroying your life for 3 days to get in the top few percent of a versus event (and I still don't think I'd be able to do it). These random crystals take a very long time to afford, and it's a painfully rich get richer scenario. In the alliance wars, for example, the top alliances get better crystal shards than others. So those on top will logically remain on top because they earn better rewards than the rest.

That has the added bonus of new content that I am neither able to enjoy or utilize. If I really want to play as Kamala Khan or Spider-Gwen, I just have to wade through 2 years of random crystals to get them.

Kamala Khan: Marvel's newest Badass [2]

And let's say I want to buy someone good. Well the joke's on me because all I can buy is more random shit! Oh, but this random shit has a 5% better chance to get Kamala Khan! Too bad you just spent money to get a shitty 2-Star you already own.

To be fair, they just introduced a daily login reward system that includes a 3-Star Gambit, but this is no time for apologies! It's time for more grypes!

Also, the game has way too many currencies. There's gold, there's ISO-8, there's credits, there's catalysts, there's class ISO-8 and catalysts, there's battle chips, there's loyalty points, there's 6 different kings of crystal shards, mastery cores of like 9 types. It's insane.

ITEMS!!1! (froths at mouth) [3]

Now let's talk about powers. If you own a character you can look up their info, and find out what each power does, along with perks they have and status effects they give. But if you're fighting someone you don't own, how do you know what status effects you're getting? What do they do? Why am I dying? Shouldn't there be a way to find out if you don't own the character?

Anyway, I'm all grype'd out for now.

Let me know what you think!

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