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Why? - Suicide Squad Spoiler Free Movie Ryview

Quick side bar: This is two weeks in a row that I've missed the day for my "Friday" article. So, from here on out, my wild card review will be slated anytime between Friday and Sunday.

How do you like 'dem apples? (or, you know, 'dem ryviews)

Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayers.

I'm keeping this mostly spoiler free, so you can read this before you contribute box office revenue to this monstrosity (I can't complain because I did it).

Where do I begin?

To be fair, the reviews I've seen made this sound like a trainwreck of epic proportions. In my humble opinion, this was just a normal trainwreck.

I liked some of the actors/roles. Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) both were pretty fun to watch and got their fair share of screen time. I also really liked Diablo (Jay Hernandez) but he didn't really get enough of a moment to shine.

Basically, here's how I see this movie: Too many characters had to be introduced for a paper thin premise, plot, and setting so they could have some cool action scenes and a very disappointing climax. Some characters got a little development. Most of them did not. I felt like it was 3 different movies each trying to vie for control, with neither one emerging the victor.

Some lines were pretty fun, but there were some god awful stupid lines too. And some scenes seemed well edited while others were just awkward and wrong. Some plot threads made no sense, others disappeared halfway through and never seemed to be fully resolved or addressed. And there were some great sight gags that were gone too quickly to enjoy them (you get some humorous dossier style info when you meet some of the Squad members).

And this little guy needed a lot more screen time [2]

Amanda Waller was a terrible character (and I don't mean evil, I mean poorly developed, explained, or executed), and the Joker was just plain boring. Nothing about him stood out for the movie, and any semblance of his personality seemed absent. He was nothing but a support character for Harley, and while I appreciate the nice step forward that may be for Feminism, using an iconic character like the Joker as a cheap vehicle for plot is like taking the best cut of steak in the world and turning into ground beef that you serve in chili (maybe, what do I know, don't expect fantastic similes from me).

In the end of the day, the plot made no sense, most of the characters were boring and flat, and even nods to the wider world were unnecessary and underwhelming. Nothing about this movie makes me want to watch it again, and I seriously doubt ever caring to see these characters returning to the big screen (which is a shame, considering the roster).

Seriously...kill it with fire and never bring it back [3]

So do I recommend this movie for a fun popcorn flick? No, not really. Find a theater that's still showing Ghostbusters and see that instead. "What if I'm a big DC fan?" Suck it up and go watch The Dark Knight trilogy again. You'll definitely like that better.

Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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