Monday, August 8, 2016

What Am I Playing Ryght Now? - 8/8/16

Hi Everybody!

It's my newest series!

What Am I Playing Ryght Now?

Will each line keep getting longer than the last one?

Apparently not!

Marvel: Contest of Champions - iOS

I've been playing a lot of Marvel: Contest of Champions lately. I played it quite a bit about a year ago, then I fell out of favor with it and moved on to bigger and brighter things (although I can't really think of what those things would have been). At any rate, I started back up and I'm still enjoying it. The event system is keeping me engaged. and I'm thinking I may finally try to beat the campaign. Who knows?

But the biggest draw is honestly the alliance system. I feel some camaraderie with my alliance mates, which is definitely rare for me with strangers in games. That's a strong motivator to keep me playing regularly.


Marvel: Puzzle Quest - iOS

2 marvel games!?! Have I gone insane? Probably, but it's entirely unrelated. Honestly, most of the TV I watch is superhero related as well. Ryan don't care.

Puzzle quest is fun enough, but the scaling is really ruining my enjoyment of it. I got a single 5 star character who is awesome, but it means I can't actually earn any more of the super premium recruitment currency, so I'm stuck with this one 5 star. I either have to cut him and rack up some more or slog my way through. I'm thinking app this may be a casualty soon.

Super Mario 3D World - Wii U

I haven't even ryviewed this yet. I need to get on the ball.

It's pretty fun, if you haven't played it before. Lots of cat suits. Nice level design. I'll save my full comments for a near future ryview (think next week), but I'm almost 100% with it, so I'll need to move on to some other cutesy game shortly to get my fix.

Pokemon Go - iOS

Yep I'm playing it.

No comment.

Until next time,


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