Monday, August 22, 2016

What Am I Playing Ryght Now? - 8/22/16

Hi Everybody!

I know you're curious, let's get into this right away:

Marvel: Contest of Champions - iOS and Marvel: Puzzle Quest - iOS

I'm combining these now, since they've been around for awhile. They just added Gambit and Rogue to CoC, but being able to earn those in any sort of sane means is pretty damn difficult.

So, for right now, I'll just have to settle for fighting them in the event missions...

Lords of the Fallen

I started playing this game because it was a Game with Gold recently, and it's an RPG. Apparently it's a pretty friggin' hard RPG. But I'm enjoying it. The first boss was a killer (several times, in fact -.-), but after that it became possible to grind a bit so I was able to get into a bit of a better comfort zone. I've been playing this without recording it, but I will still produce a Ryview at some point, and I may cobble together some videos at some point.

Pokemon: Fire Red

That's right, Pokemon Go got me hooked on the these cute little critters. So I'm playing my fiance's copy of Fire Red on her old Gameboy Advance.

It's pretty damn fun. But after watching to TV show I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to let my Pikachu evolve...

Dark Souls

That's right, my next RyPlay full game playthrough will be Dark Souls. And I just started.

And it's a nightmare.

Until next time,


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