Monday, August 15, 2016

What Am I Playing Ryght Now? - 8/15/16

Hi Everybody!

Hooray! One of my new series(es) lasted 2 weeks! What a treat?!

Marvel: Contest of Champions - iOS

Same as last week. Still a big draw.

I know it's just throwing a bunch of punches while occasionally blocking. But it's okay, because I'm getting satisfaction from trying to get better heroes (who punch and occasionally block slightly better...)

Hooray for gradual, slow progress (maybe that's why I like idle games so much).

Marvel: Puzzle Quest - iOS

2 marvel games again? What year is this?

It's 2016, confused reader. And yes, still 2 marvel games, still for the same reasons, although I've learned a bit more about the mechanics here.

Your placement in the events is based on past performance in events (something like your most recent 10). So, if you tank it for 2 months you could come back and do really well. Who knew?

And then the enemy power scaling is based on your most powerful hero. So, while milestones are the same for everyone, getting those points are "easier" for people who have lesser champions because their enemies are effectively powered down (although the intention is that you have less powerful heroes to deal with them. But when you have 1 overpowered guy and an otherwise mediocre team, it's tough).

Slurpy Derpy

Yep, you read that right. I don't, uh, I don't know why it's named that. But it's an idle mobile game about controlling these weird doodads who probably evolved from slurpies in a convenience store (unclear), and you have them bake cookies and battle for your amusement (like Trimps, but way more desserts).

Expect a Ryview sometime (hopefully Wednesday if I get off my ass).

Pokemon Go


They've screwed with this game so much that I'm a little irked. But probably not as much as some die-harder fans.

They slowed down egg walking max speed to about 6 miles an hour, I think, so most driving is still way too fast, even in lots of slowdowns. And with pokemon scanning changed from 5 to 10 seconds, it's a much tougher game to excel in now.

Anyway, still playing it though, because literally everyone else on the planet is too.

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