Monday, August 8, 2016

New Ryviews Schedule

Hi Everybody!

I'm trying to create a bit more normalcy for this blog (again, I know...let it go), so here's my plan:

Mondays: What Am I Playing Ryght Now?

A brief look into my week, game wise. I'm hoping to have this be a standing status update for my blog. We'll see if it even lasts into next week....

Fingers crossed [1]

Tuesdays: YouTube something

I'll try to post a video every Tuesday. No guarantees, but I do still have a few Banjo Kazooie RyPlays left.

Wednesdays: Random Ryview

It's what it says, Ryview Wednesday. Mark it on your calendar. And your phone. And your forehead. Or someone else's forehead. I won't judge.

Thursdays: Deals of the Week

Now, I know I've done this before, where I'm like "Hey guys, let's make this happen again!" and then I never do.

Well, guess what?

Let's make this happen.

Fridays: Wildcard!!1!

I'll try to focus more on games in the near future (you know, instead of locations, movies, etc), but I want to keep my energy flowing in those directions, so I'm going to dedicate Friday's to my blog cheat day. I'll ryview whatever the hell I want. It could be a game. It could be a sandwich. The important thing is you'll know.

Your ass is mine [2]

What about all those days in between?

I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I'll be trying to post a few sporadic things as well (for example, I intend to do more than one youtube video a week. But what I'm saying up in the descriptions is that I'm trying to commit to one per week, minimum, rain or shine, life or death, you name it).

And this all may be subject to change in the near and/or far future. But for right now, it's a Monday, so I'm going to try to write (ryte, if you will (I won't though, because that just looks silly))  my "What Am I Playing Ryght Now?" article.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Death Threats? Feel free to leave a comment.

Until next time,


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