Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hilarity Ensues - Ghosbusters (2016) Movie Ryview

Ghostbusters, directed by Paul Feig.

To some, this movie is also known as "This movie looks terrible because I'm a sexist bigot."

I want to start with some frames of reference. Both this and the original were stupid comedies largely made up by a cast of SNL members and their friends about a group of scientists (and the black one) catching ghosts. Both movies, in my opinion, matched quite a bit of the current comedy landscape. And both made me laugh.

I grew up liking the original Ghostbusters, but I never particularly put it on the pedestal that so many fans seem to. It was a good movie, but it wasn't like I needed to see it a dozen times a year. And when this remake was announced, many fans cried out "they're ruining the old one!". Guess what? Movies get remade more often than they get released nowadays, and this movie coming out didn't suddenly make all the copies of the 1984 movie disappear from existence and/or memory. You can still watch that one any time you want.

At any rate, this new one was pretty damn fun. It had some quality jokes right off the bat, and I thought throughout the movie there was a good amount of humor to movie ratio. Kate McKinnon was definitely the standout for me, but Leslie Jones definitely came in a close second. Now, to be fair, I think both of their main character functions were "comedy relief" but I'm just saying mission accomplished. Chris Hemsworth also did a fantastic job in his role, every second of screen time he got was fabulous.

Do Gifs work on here? Yes, yes they do. [2]

Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy did fine jobs too, but neither one was quite as funny. They were more supposed to be straight men then, so I suppose it worked out just fine. I cared about both of them while watching the movie, and while some of their backstory seemed a little rushed and/or shoehorned in, I was pretty happy with the final product.

The plot wasn't necessarily stellar, but I would never really expect a comedy movie to the best villain motivations. But even with that said, it was very clear who this villain was and why he was being a villain, so I don't really know why I saw some reviewers complain about that being unclear or wishy-washy or what have you.

A large portion of the movie was devoted to developing their 'busting technology, and that was fairly entertaining to watch. And it offered some good action in the latter half of the movie. I will say that the final battle seemed to go on for a bit too long, but I liked that they tried to focus on the various gadgets they introduced. They could have just probably gotten along with one or two fewer gadgets.

Gotta still have enough to lick though...[3]

So, back to serious matters: I get that you might not like this style of humor, but I really do think this is every bit the same caliber as the original. If you loved the original and refuse to see this movie because "it looks much more stupid", you might want to get checked; there's a chance you're a sexist asshole. Not to mention the fact that every surviving main character from the original makes an awesome cameo.

I would recommend this movie to fans of the original and comedy fans in general. It's a fun hour and a half, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. If you didn't like the original and you hate comedy, go watch Star Trek Beyond (re: more movies getting remade than getting released).

And feel free to let me know what you think of the movie or why you aren't sexist in the comments.

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