Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Deeply Puzzling - Klocki Flash Game Ryview

Klocki, by Targaciej.

Klocki is one of those games where you're playing it for a little while, and you think to yourself "this is stupidly easy." Then, like a brick wall of shame and confusion, the game suddenly says "fuck you, you don't know me!" and throws some intense curve balls.

What I'm saying is it got better.

Klocki is a puzzle game where you're trying to transpose, transform, rotate, or otherwise alter tiles so they make a continuous chain (or numerous smaller chains, as the situation dictates). It has a mouse only interface that's fairly easy to use, so that keeps things nice and simple, and it's a pure puzzle game that requires no timing or coordination, so it's good for all those people (you know who you are).

Once the puzzle hits the fan, it gets quite a bit more difficult. Now, to be fair, I found each level very solvable still, but it went from super fast to slowly thinking through my options in a matter of minutes, which is pretty tough to do without pissing off the player. But what makes this game so unique is that I loved the transition. It was a bit of a wall, but in general the game feathered in so many different mechanics that when it started feeding you more than one at a time it felt organic. Then, when it throws everything at you at once, your mind is open to being blown (and my mind likes getting blown, people).

Starting out easy isn't always a bad thing [2]

The visuals are fun, although not really anything that sends me screaming into the sky about how pretty it is. But for a game like this, honestly I might not have even noticed if they looked better. I was very engrossed in the solving, and I think that's the way it should be.

I'd heavily recommend this game to fans of puzzles. It's worth slogging through some easy levels up front. The later levels pretty much all gave me that fun "you're a genius" style feeling when I solved them, and each one seems to feel fairly new once the game started mixing gimmicks and mechanics. I was getting bored during the easy section, but I think that foundation is good to help you defeat the later, more challenging levels.

If you hate thinking and want shiny stuff, I guess go play Pokemon Go with the AR turned on, so you can watch pidgeys jump around your 4th pokeball while you scream at their punk asses to become your animal slaves.

Either way, enjoy yourself.

Let me know what you think of Klocki in the comments!

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