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Finding Dory's One Fatal Flaw - Spoiler Filled Discussion

Finding Dory, by Pixar Animation.

This is a spoiler-y post.

Reader beware.

Seriously, super spoiler, ending reveal.

So stay away if you don't want it.

I've got my eye on you...

So, I think that Dory's parents should've been dead when she found their house.

Hear me out, the whole story hinges on Dory slowly remembering her parents. She remembers moments, bits and pieces, until she's finally able to back track far enough to learn that they made it to the lab area thingy. But she arrives in the tank full of her fellow blue fish only to learn that they aren't there. And she thinks they're dead. Then, suddenly, she gets whisked into the ocean accidentally.

It's all this guy's fault... [2]

Shortly before this, I was worried that Dory would suddenly remember that her parents, filled with doubt about how to take care of their daughter, would abandon her. I'm happy that didn't turn out to be true, but then she saw the shell line, and the house.

This was a wonderful moment. It was beautifully touching. Her parents hadn't forgotten her. Hadn't given up hope. They made trails and trails of shells to help their daughter find her way home. It shows that they never stopped loving her.

That should have been the emotional climax of the movie. Dory goes into the house, sees how much they loved and missed her, and she would feel truly special for having such dedicated parents. Then, as the movie did anyway, she would realize that Nemo and Marlin are her new family and she'd go save them from the truck.

Instead, what we got was an overly sappy "Hey look, her parents are here!" moment. It cheapened the emotional poignancy of it. It wasn't a heartfelt, cry-worthy moment that Pixar is famous for. It became a normal kid's movie with a happy ending.

And not only that. Her parents being there made the whole "Marlin and Nemo are my family" moment much less meaningful as well. She has a damn family, they're right there! It's a mess. It feels so tacked on and shoved together that I was quite dissatisfied in the theater (at least until the whales and Becky came back).

The real hero [3]

If her parents had died searching for her, it would have held a place among Pixar's hall of fame. Now, it's another disappointing Pixar sequel.

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