Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Putting Idle Peasants In Their Place - Zombidle iOS Ryview

Zombidle, by Berzerk Studios.

Zombidle is an idle game where you and some undead friends terrorize poor villagers. You destroy their house (and sometimes the peasants themselves when they run out of their dwellings on fire) and collect gold from their smoldering remains. You then use the gold to upgrade your clicking and your minions, much like similar games such as Clicker Heroes.

I like this style of idle game, even if there are dozens of clones (and this is certainly far from the first version). However, I like the gameplay mechanic that's built around damage rather than raw money. Having that transfer between DPS and earnings adds a nice layer of complexity to the game that's absent from something like Adventure Capitalist, where you earn money and spend money to get more money.

The reset mechanic in this is almost identical to Clicker Heroes, although there's a nice little bonus kicked in so that as you progress, your orbs (which is the reset currency) double when you use them in the higher level portal (and I can also assume you can multiply further as you progress through the game, but after a few weeks I have not progressed that far).

This also has a Ryviews favorite: achievements with in game bonuses. It's always nice to get stuff for hitting milestones, so seeing my DPS rise incrementally because I demolished X number of houses give me a real sense of morbid accomplishment.

You said it, weird song lyric advertisement thingy [2]

The animations are also pretty sweet. The flaming villagers are entertaining, and they provide a bit of idle minigame-ness to it, albeit lightly. And there are bonuses that can be earned through optional ads, which is also a nice touch. However, one thing this game does far better than others is a feature where if the ad doesn't load, you generally get the reward anyway. Not like 99% of other games where if the ad won't load you get screwed.

My main negative for the game is the pure monotony. It's an idle after all, but especially because the game employs that orb multiplier mechanic, progress to higher levels can be a very painful and seemingly rewardless venture. The orbs spawn fairly randomly on bosses, and you could go for several hours without earning anything, making those hours effectively wasted. I force myself to wait to reset until I kill an orb-filled boss, but that only marginally improves that discouragement.

So, if you like Clicker Heroes and want to be the bad guy, this game is for you. Or, if you really, really don't like peasants. But if you aren't into that style of clicker idle with standard idle-style progression and upgrades, leave this game alone.

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