Thursday, May 12, 2016

MARVEL PARTY - Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Free Movie Ryview

Captain America: Civil war, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo.

This is a spoiler free ryview (w00t). However, as always, if you're ignoring all media and such about the movie, obviously turn away now.

Anyway, let's get right down to it. This was a great movie. I loved pretty much every minute of it, and that's saying something, because it contained a sizable amount of minutes.

It obviously wasn't without its flaws. But things fell in place very well. The acting was great. The writing was solid. It kept enough of the source material that I was happy I'd read it, but there was enough freshness to keep me and presumably the general audience on the edge of our seats. The editing was good, the pacing was good. And for such a long movie, I'm happy that I wasn't begging for the end before hitting the climax.

"Look, DiCaprio is frozen, we get it. Can I go to the bathroom now?" [2]

I do want to praise the newcomers to the cast. Our 2 new heroes both had some great scenes, and I will say I am very excited for the upcoming Black Panther and Spider-Man movies as a direct result of what I saw on screen.

And on a similar note, some of the recent additions also added quite a bit to the story. Falcon, Ant-Man, Vision, and Scarlet Witch all had some great scenes, and I was entertained by their character arcs and their antics.

Very intense sweaters! [3]

I was very happy with the writing. Not only was there some good comedy stashed away at proper moments, several key scenes felt very raw and real, and as I mentioned earlier, the nods to the comic were very refreshing. Not only were there some direct relations, but there were a few parallels that were slightly different here, and it definitely increased my enjoyment.

Plus, the fight scenes were gorgeous. While there was a bit a shaky camera in some scenes, a lot of it was beautifully choreographed and avoided needless distraction. And unlike Age of Ultron, I didn't notice any horribly CGI ragdolls in the background. The opening fight scene for that movie still takes me out of moment with the terrible graphics.

Considering the similarity with Batman V Superman, it's perhaps not surprising that this movie looks so good when comparing the two side by side. But I would argue that this is a great movie even if you avoid comparison. It was fun and intriguing from end to end, and I will happily see it again in theaters with a clear conscience, enjoying the theater experience for a second time and knowing that I'm happy to raise their box office revenue.

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