Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Ryview

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, by EA.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (now referred to as GoH so I can stop typing that over and over (and over) again) is a turn based rpg where you recruit famous Star Wars characters and pit them against other Star Wars characters. There's absolutely no story involved, so that's nice. The game is framed a the player using figures in a cantina to play on battle tables.

I must say, while I do get a little frustrated with energy based games (spoiler alert: this is an energy based game), this is fairly fun and long lasting. Your energy recharges pretty slowly, but there are several different modes, most of which don't consume energy. You have PvP battles, which you can do like 5 times per day, there are daily challenges with similar caps, as well as 2 different tables that use w different energy sets (one is basically for equipment, the other is basically for upgrade supplies).

There are several ways to pay your way forward, but it isn't required, and you get premium currency fairly fast if you do all the daily activities per day (finishing them all will get you about 30 crystals per day). Including other avenues, you can easily bank 50-75 daily, and for about 350 you can get a guaranteed character, albeit one you probably don't care about.

A fan favorite from day one...[2]

Paying real money can get you heaps of crystals and sometimes specific character sets, but since the PvP is a relatively small part of the game, you don't really feel too pressured to pay to win.

I will say that as the game progresses, lots of grinding happens. But for me, I'm not trying to advance through the levels that fast, I want to advance my characters and unlock gear. And both those activities, while grind-y, do advance fast enough to maintain my constant interest. And having ways to auto-play and auto-complete old levels really helps factor down the grind-y feel. I mostly don't play main levels anymore, I let the CPU handle it.

The gameplay is pretty good, although it gets stale once you find your best set of characters. The variance in moves is nice, but there are definitely some that are super powered and some that are clearly B or C string. However, different modes and challenges force you to vary your party, so even some of your lower rank characters come in handy occasionally.

Seriously, who the fuck is this? [3]

Overall, because there are so many different modes and a whole lot of different collectibles and currencies, the game holds my attention. I've been playing solidly for 2 weeks, and I'm still loving it. I definitely recommend playing it.

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