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A New Hope(fully Good Movie) - Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoiler Free Ryview

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, by Lucasfilm Ltd.

This is the spoiler-free version of my ryview. It will contain minimal information about the plot and so forth to keep your virgin ears and eyes (and other other part of your part that you choose to keep chaster) free from being spoiled. That being said, some info is required if I'm reviewing the movie, so bear that in mind. Just saying...

Let's get right to it. It's a pretty damn good movie. I saw it in an IMAX format, which means that aside from swinging my head side to side like I was watching a very large tennis match, it was very epic in both scale and sound. I was blown away by some of the visuals, and it was definitely a movie worthy of the format.

The new characters were definitely the highlight for me. I am not someone who really clings to the original trilogy as if it was my bible, but still, I'm a fan. And even with that in mind, I had a lot better time watching the new folks than I did watching the stars of the old films hobble around and pretend to be in shape.

Not only was I impressed by their individual acting capabilities but I was very happy with the chemistry the new actors shared. It felt very refreshing to actually see chemistry in a Star Wars movie. And also mildly jarring, I supposed. But in a good way...

You mean we're allowed to act like we like each other? What a concept! [1]

The story, as you may have seen if you've been brave enough to visit the internet before seeing the movie (and I suppose, if you're reading this, you must have, unless you had a proxy print it out or dictate it to you, at which point, I both congratulate you on your devotion and also fear greatly for your sanity), has had a lot of people complaining about it. I personally liked it. It kept me engaged, and I cared about what happened next. I'm not sure what more you'd want.

I will say that there were a few moments when I had a little bit of groaning for fan service, but for the most part, I was very pleased with the balance. There were obviously lots of nods, but most of them were subtle, and the ones that weren't seemed to be placed intentionally as a "see, it's funny" moment. I think the movie did a good job of keeping new things rolling while reminding us that this is indeed the same universe as before. It's just been given a pretty serious makeover (and it's been De-Lucas'd).

Never Again [2]

Overall, you need to see it. If you have absolutely hate Star Wars and everything involved with it, then maybe you shouldn't, but even then, this movie has better acting, better writing, and all around a pretty new feel that will help newcomers and previous Star Wars haters join together and sing its praise. So if your'e on the fence, go see it. And if you're already a fan, what the hell are you waiting for. Seriously, stop reading, go to your nearest cinema, and purchase a ticket (and a stupidly large popcorn and soda, to help stimulate the economy).

Think of the children...

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