Friday, November 20, 2015

Clicker Heroes - iOS Ryview

Clicker Heroes, by R2 Games.

Clicker Heroes is an idle game that has flash and app versions (that I'm aware of), and I've played a bit of both. However, this is a ryview of the iOS version, because I've spent a lot more time playing that one.

Let's start with the title; I'm not clicking anything on the iOS version. I'm tapping. Shouldn't the phone and/or tablet port be called "Tapper Heroes"?

Anywho, it's a pretty solid idle game. You don't really have to do much clicking (or tapping; see the above paragraph), and I like idle games where once you set it in motion you're mostly running management rather than resource gathering. The game centers on the collection and leveling up of heroes that will give idle Damage Per Second (DPS, for all you cool kids that like acronyms). And as you progress, you collect hero souls, which are randomly assigned to bosses and always tied to 2000 hero levels, as well as each boss on the levels that are intervals of 100 (if I lost you during those details, just keep going, it's not important. I just like to type).

The world reset functionality works fairly well, although slogging through the first few resets was tough. Once you start getting 100 or more souls per run, the game definitely picks up. And I like that you can do some side math to see which heroes are better for your money and so forth.

Yeah, he likes jewelry...[2]

There are also "ancients" that give major powers, but cost hero souls to buy and upgrade. And there are spells to do stuff (like double your DPS or autoclick).

My main complaint is that there isn't enough player choice during the run. You're basically just grinding to the highest level you can get to and then restarting the world. There doesn't seem to be any benefit to grinding lower levels. And while you can choose where to spend your money, all the heroes are always active. I like what Crusaders of the Lost Idols did, where you have a formation that is too small for everyone, so you have to pick and choose.

Another perk in Crusaders was the loot system, which is missing from Clicker Heroes. There is some player loot, but you can only hold 4 at a time and you can't keep any extras during restarts, so their effects are minimal and pretty forgettable, especially after you hire a few ancients.

Ancient who, by the way. look straight out of a seriously trippy nightmare [3]

I like the game, and it's occupying a whole lot of my time (seriously, an embarrassing amount). So if you like idle gaming, this is probably right up your alley. But if you like minigames, or player choice, this is going to leave you wanting more. You'd be better suited playing an active game or seeking out a few of the flash idle games with side fun, like Crusaders of the Lost Idols or Idle Universe Online.

Traditionally I've asked you to tell me what you thought of the game in the comments. Almost no one ever does that. know...I guess you can comment if you want. No one is holding a gun to your head.

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