Monday, October 12, 2015

Hands On With The Star Wars: Battlefront Beta

Star Wars: Battlefront Beta, by DICE.

I've had the pleasure of playing the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta over the course of the past few days, and I must say, it's pretty damn cool. However, there are definitely a more than a few issues that may prevent me from logging the stupidly large amount of hours that I devoted to Battlefront 2.

This was developed by a whole new team, whole new company. This is nothing like the old Battlefront games (without even the same objective style, at least in the Beta). It feels, looks, and plays like a Battlefield game, and while that isn't a bad thing necessarily, it does feel a bit unfamiliar.

The Beta also definitely limited the number of planets, unlocks, and customization, but what I saw was both promising and troubling. The promising was that I really enjoyed leveling up, unlocking new gear and playing with it to see it in action. However, since I joined the Beta a day or 2 after launch, I was already at a huge disadvantage. Leveling is fun, but having functional improvements as you play definitely tips the scales toward the pre-rich, and this is especially true when you have combat bonuses and win bonuses that factor into how much XP you get.

Oh, you're already winning? Here, be a Jedi and KILL EVERYTHING!

I enjoyed the different modes that were available, but as I mentioned, I really hope the classic base capturing style is still available. That will definitely help make the game feel a little more like home.

I was frustrated  by the multiplayer at times because, being a Halo and Destiny fan, I'm used to have shields and quite a bit of health. This was quite different. A solid 2-3 shots to the head and you're down. Usually before you know where you're being shot from. That's going to prohibit me from doing a whole lot of multiplayer. It will only reward the rich and for the other 75% it won't be any fun.

The offline missions were a blast, however. I loved doing it solo or co-op, and it was definitely a nice way to have a little bit of a Firefight feel while still maintaining objectives and changes in enemies. The Beta only included the easy version, but it was easy enough that I could see moving forward quite quickly.

Fall before my novice level skills! [1]

Overall, I must say that I enjoyed it, and it made me excited for the full game. It was gorgeous, the gameplay felt very visceral, and it made me experience the frontlines of a battle in the Star Wars universe. That being said, I don't think it's for everyone. If you're only interested in the multiplayer, you'd better be damn good or you'd better be very patient. And if you aren't a Star Wars fan, I don't know if it would have the same nerdy appeal, so you might want to go with a more traditional military shooter.

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