Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gotham - "The Last Laugh" Discussion (Full of Spoilers...Seriously)

Gotham recently started its second season, and I just watched episode 3, titled "The Last Laugh" (I'm a week behind on Hulu, so shoot me...)

I have opinions about it.

Spoilers ahead.

Like, serious spoilers.

Although, the internet probably already spoiled some or all of it.

But still.

You've been warned.

Okay, so you've all seen it right? Or you love my blog so much you don't care that I'm about to spoil it for you? In either case, Jerome died. Probably.

And I'm not happy about it.

But who can stay mad at that face? [1]

But let's back up. I really liked this episode. It saw a nice storyline build, with a nice set up from Mr. Evil Business Man, and some good tense police work. And it had some amazing Jerome scenes.

And now let's back up even further. I really love the Joker. But one thing I love about him is the mystery and insanity of him. He can't have a real backstory, because that would somehow ruin that mystery.

At least that's what I thought a few months ago.

When they first introduced Jerome, I was angry. Angry that they gave us an obvious Joker. Angry that we had a solid backstory. And angry that this kid couldn't possibly fill such big shoes. Now, with half a dozen episodes under his belt, Jerome proved me very wrong. He did a fantastic job as the Joker. He was insane, chaotic, and just plain weird. It was tremendous fun to watch. All my previous concerns flew out the window. I suddenly wanted this to be Gotham: Joker's Origin.

Now, back to "The Last Laugh", the whole magician scene was great Joker stuff. It was goofy, yet terrifying. Stupid, yet creepy. Ominous, dark, tense, you name it. It was perfect for the Joker. If you've read any comics or if you follow any of the previous Batman TV shows, you've probably seen the Joker act in this crazy, "what the hell is he doing?" kind of way. And it worked really well. Not only that, but his interest in Bruce Wayne really made me quite happy, given the obvious dramatic irony that employs.

My next trick will be to whittle away at your sanity for 30 years [2]

But then, the show decided to rip apart my admittedly recent dream of this wonderful Joker by stabbing him in the neck via Mr. New Villian, AKA some dude who's name I can't remember and can't be bothered to look it up. I think it starts with a D. But I really don't know, and I really don't care.

Jerome was a perfect Joker. He was doing it just right, with the right balance of psychotic, mirthful, crazy, insane, and laughter. And especially as he "died", they were certainly doing everything they could to make him look "Jokery".

Now, you'll notice, I said "died" in quotes because of the Executive Producer's comments "We Probably Haven't Seen The Last Of That Fellow". It may be false. It may be misquoted. It may be a red herring. But I don't care.

Right now, it's hope.

Until next time,


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