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A Subscription Based Game Masquerading As DLC - Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny: The Taken King, by Bungie.

For those of you who aren't aware, the fairly popular life-absorber Destiny recently released a new piece of DLC called "The Taken King." It was offered for $40 if you already own all the previous content (which would have cost you the base game price plus at least $35 for both DLCs), or $60 for everything included. Pretty sweet deal to jump in.

And if you were doing that, then it would be a great, very long game with a whole lot of content. However, if you're someone who, back in the day, bought the Dark Below DLC so you could play the extra stuff and enjoy the Knights of Crota, you're screwed. Or, similarly, if you purchased The House of Wolves DLC and wanted to actually fight wolves while patrolling, you're out of luck.

Each of Destiny's DLC packages has come with overworld changes, usually combined with relevant bounties and missions to slay these new menaces to the landscape. However, once the new stuff comes out, the old stuff flies away. This isn't a big deal if you're buying each new item when it comes out. You're done with the tired old content and you're happy to fight a new menace. But what about those people who only bought the first DLC? Suddenly, a large portion of the new content that they paid for is missing. Gone. Unaccessable.

I could've sworn we used to land at some point...[2]

And look at endgame. Destiny players could originally buy the base game and enjoy the endgame content. They could cruise around grinding for gear and they could enjoy competitive multiplayer with their competitive equipment. Now, with the revamped currencies, revamped crucible, revamped everything, if you only owned the base game, you'd have absolutely no endgame content. You'd finish the campaign and be stuck, because most of the ways to earn endgame currencies are now hidden behind The Taken King's paywall.

Now, at their price, it's a fine time to get into the game at less than the cost of all the DLC separately. So that was a good move. But as I said, what if you bought one DLC? Or bought both and didn't want the Taken King? Or, as I was planning, waiting to buy it? These all don't really function well. Because you either have to essentially pay for things you already bought, or you have to suck it up and play a game that is now reduced in content. You were lied to about what you were paying for to begin with.

Joke's on you, dirtbag [3]

The game is actually set to a subscription based model. Each new update eliminates old content, and each time you're expected to pony up the dough to keep the play train moving. If you don't, you basically can't play the same game. You have some old stuff to keep doing, but new stuff is out, and even lots of the old stuff still locked to you now. So if you don't keep paying for the new content, you basically can't play at all (in any meaningful fashion).

Therefore, Destiny is subscription based. But it's pretending to be a traditional DLC based content roll out game. That's not right.

Basically, this could be fixed if Destiny allowed you to select what time period you wanted to be in when patrolling or in the tower. Do you want no random spawns for Crota knights or Taken? Just started the campaign? Cool, you can choose that. Want to keep fighting wolves? Cool, you can choose that too! It might limit how many people you run into for public events, but most instances usually don't have more than 4-5 guardians in them anyway, and I'm betting it would be pretty easy to find 5 guardians who were all in the time period.

Okay guys, we've never met, and we'll probably never see each other again. But let's kill shit together anyway [4]

Bottom line: I love Destiny, and I paid for the Taken King. It's a great game and the new content is worth the money. But stop screwing over the people who wanted the base game and only the base game. Let them play the game they paid for.

Or stop pretending, and start charging a subscription fee instead of making us pay for DLC.

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