Saturday, September 12, 2015

China - Pros and Cons

Hi Everybody!

It's time for my conventional "Ryview from the country I'm currently in!"

However, I'm going to change up the format a bit, so rather than a standard Ryview, I'm throwing in a pros and cons list for China. Enjoy!

Pro: Plentiful mass transit

I've  been on the subway, high speed train, and even on the road being driven by someone who can only be described as a focused maniac. I am very impressed by the availability of the transit. It took us almost right where we needed to go and it was linked well with the airports and downtown areas.

Con: Crowded mass transit

The subway was just wall to wall people. And not some kind of less dense soft wall. This was a super dense structure of people who were all so close that you couldn't really avoid brushing knees, elbows, and appendages you didn't know existed.

A bit like this, although more uncomfortable, and with a random white guy in the middle. [1]

Pro: Plentiful nearby restaurant options

This is probably a symptom of where I am, but it seems like the big cities have a very large number of restaurants. I'm near a shopping center area, and honestly it's like 75% restaurants. I live in Houston, and I thought we were packed to the gills with restaurants, but so far this has been very impressive.

Con: It's all Chinese food

Hear me out: When I was in Amsterdam and Osaka, there were quite a few foreign options. There were lots of local options too, but I could satisfy my "Ryan wants to eat like he's home" instinct, which is especially important because the breakfast here is fairly boring and the lunches are basically at a local cafeteria, so very authentic. That means when I'm eating dinner, that's Ryan time. and I want to fill my Ryan cravings, which usually involve some sort of item then ends with "urger".

Or "icken Strips". [2]

Pro: It's at least 10 degrees colder than Houston right now

In my experience, it's usually too hot. Now, don't get me wrong, I like summer better than winter, but still, when I'm outside in the sun I definitely appreciate a lower temperature, and China has that going for itself right now. Hooray for China.

Con: It's only 10 degrees colder than Houston right now

Seriously, only 10 degrees? It's still friggin' hot. Come on China.

Yep, still there. [3]

I may come back with more later (I'll be here for a whole other week), but for now, that's my list of my pros and cons for China.

China! Am I right?

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