Monday, June 22, 2015

The most I've cried since Toy Story 3 - Inside Out Ryview (Mostly Spoiler-Free!)

Inside Out, by Pixar Animation Studios.

I know, I know, another off topic ryview. It's not that I haven't been playing video games, it's just that I like ryviewing other things too. So shoot me!

Anywho, I promise I'll have some other good old-fashioned games to ryview later in the week, but for right now, we're doing a movie.

Inside Out is the newest Pixar movie, and it's their first one in 2 years, so it's gotten quite a bit of hype. It's about a girl's emotions, and how those emotions interact. It's also about memory balls that get sucked into a vacuum operated by Paula Poundstone. Pretty awesome.

The movie is deeply moving, extremely clever, and all around impressive. I know I may get annoying with how positive I am about a lot of my off-topics, but trust me; this movie is worth your time (and whatever insanely high price you pay for a ticket where you live).

This beats out a lot of Pixar's movies in my book because it has a really cool universe. Exploring the world inside of Riley (the girl whose emotions I mentioned earlier) is truly spectacular, and the methods they use for showcasing how memories are stored and how they shape her psyche is outstanding.

"Look, Plot!" [1]

The voice acting is spot on and the characters and fun and memorable. There are also several pretty cool cameo voices interspersed, which keeps you on your toes as you meet some of the minor players along the way. The animation wasn't groundbreaking, but because of the emotional depth and weight of some of the scenes, the cinematic atmosphere kept me from wanting extra pixels in the animation. After all, Pixar is still at the top of their field.

Honestly, though, the story is phenomenal. It's a heartbreaking tale of a girl who has to move away from where she grew up and how her emotions are rocked by the transition. It definitely will hit close to home for a lot of the audience, and it packs a whole lot of happiness, sadness, and drama onto the screen.

Also, who doesn't want to watch a bunch of anthropomorphic emotions hanging out together? [2]

Towards the climax, I found myself opening crying in the theater, which is probably more than I've cried for any Pixar movie in the past (and possibly any movie, for that matter). There were teenage boys in the audience near me who were visibly wiping their eyes. It was heavy stuff.

So it was sad. But it was so amazing that I would happily sit through the sadness again. I highly recommend it, whether you're 5 or 50 (and even if you're neither of those two ages).

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