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Age of Ultron Ryview - Rybuttal

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*Minor Spoilers for Age of Ultron, nothing big.*

A little while ago, I did a video Rybuttal to an article from Kotaku concerning DLC.

For those of you who didn't watch that, you should, because it's an awesome pun. Also, it's a rebuttal that's on this site.

That's the joke.

And I'm doing it again, in written form! Why written form? Because I'm still in Canada, away from my desktop computer, my microphone, and super sizes (seriously, the "large" soda here is like a small in Texas, and most of the restaurants here have Pepsi products. Why Canada?).

No one in the history of questions has ever asked "Is Coke okay?"

This time, I'm rybutting a review of Age of Ultron I saw on

In the review's list of "what didn't work", the first complaint was that the sudden appearance of all the Avengers, assembled, with no explanation as to how or why. Then he complains about the fact that there was no explanation as to why Iron Man isn't really much like the Iron Man we saw at the end of Iron Man 3 (that was a lot of Iron Mans in one sentence, wow).

Now, the Iron Man complaint is valid, but here's the thing: this is a complicated shared universe. With multiple directors and screenwriters, not everything is going to jive. So that's one thing, but also, you can't nitpick about following from Iron Man 3 if you aren't following the obvious set up for the Avengers assembling in Agents of Shield. In the most recent episode, there was an obvious nod to the upcoming movie, and while it didn't spell everything out, it definitely was enough to say that they assembled for a valid reason. If you're going to complain about continuity from part of the universe, you're gonna have to follow the whole universe. As a single film, Age of Ultron worked, and as part of the greater picture, it fit in without explaining all the incidental stuff.

Then the review complains about the movie feeling rushed, particularly in the introduction of Ultron. Now, yes, it was fairly quick, but I don't think it was rushed. It started out fairly ominous, and it grew from that. And the reasoning behind that is filled in throughout the rest of the movie. Ultron's mannerisms and motivations make sense when you get the full story about his creation and I was very satisfied by the character.

Hey, that guy from Stargate turned into a robot...and a psychopath...

Finally, the review states that the final battles misses out on the fun from the first movie. I don't know what movie this reviewer watched, but he was clearly sleeping during a bulk of the fight scene. It was filled with humorous moments, awesome CGI shots, and scenes that would make any male in the work literally shiver with glee (I know from personal experience). Was it as unique and groundbreaking as the first movie? Of course not. But it was still a wonderful fight scene with lots of humor.

So, Mr. Reviewer, you made some good points. But you should really rewatch the movie. And watch Agents of Shield.

You gave the movie a 7.5, which is strangely higher than your text implies. So I'd wager that the film garnered at least an 8.5 on the traditional 5-10 scale of reviews (because no one gives anything below half credit).

Let me know what you think of the movie in the comments.

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