Friday, April 10, 2015

Ryviews Deal Roundup - April 10th, 2015

Hi Everybody!

Here are the deals for April 10th, 2015:

The Humble Bundle is still the Indie Bundle 14, featuring Pixel Piracy and Outlast, a game I refuse to play given that I don't want to have the pants scared off of me. I like my pants...

The Weekly Humble Bundle is Tabletops, featuring Small World 2, Ticket to Ride, and 100% Orange Juice.

Microsoft is offering double Games with Gold right now, so you can get Pool Nation FX and Child of Light on the Xbox One all month, and Terraria and Gears of War: Judgment on the Xbox 360 for the first half of the month.

The Deals with Gold right now feature Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One, and several arcade style titles on the Xbox 360, including several Serious Sam titles and several Metal Slug titles.

There's also a big Spring Sale going on right now, featuring a long list of varied games, including Zoo Tycoon, Rock Band 3, several popular season passes, and this weekend is features even more arcade titles like Peggle and Guacamelee.

If you're still waiting on a Wii U, this is pretty good deal, it includes Super Mario 3D World.

I hope I helped you save some money!

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