Monday, March 2, 2015

Is it worth it? - Minecraft Simpsons Skin Pack Ryview

Hi Everybody!

A new Simpsons Skin Pack came to Minecraft Xbox One last week, and being the biggest Simpsons fan that I personally know, I had to buy it right away.

Was it worth it?


See, it cost $2.99, and at that price, I expected it to come with a texture pack or a prebuilt map, similar to the Halo set. Did that happen? Not even a little.

No map. No textures. Just skins. And they don't even have Flanders!

Now, if you were a shrewd consumer, you might have the foresight to actually look through the skins before you buy them, research before you buy, but I didn't. And because of it, I wasted some money.

I do plan on using my newly acquired Homer skin to giggle every time I'm playing Minecraft, but was it worth $2.99 just so I could do that?

Probably not.

Short and sweet, I don't think it's worth your money. Not even if you have an entire bookshelf devoted to Simpsons Memorabilia.

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