Friday, March 20, 2015

DC Deckbuilding Game - Ryview

DC Deckbuilding Game, by Cryptozoic Entertainment.

I'm doing something a little bit different today and I'm ryviewing a physical game!

*dramatic pause*

For those of your who remember my Dominion Online ryview (or those of you who have played Dominion), I'm here to tell you that the DC Deckbuilding Game (henceforth referred to as the DCDBG, for confusion) is very similar. However, I will go about this review as if this is completely new territory for all those involved.

The DCDBG is a deck builder (go figure) where your goal is to collect the most victory points. Throughout the game, you spend power from your hand to buy cards from the center. These cards can have a range of effects and powerups to help strengthen your deck even further.

There are multiple Robin cards in the deck, I like to think that each one is a different Robin...[2]

However, you also select a superhero to play as for each game, giving you a special bonus perk to play with. This means there's tremendous, changing strategy for the game depending on your character, and because the deck is so large, every game could feel very different.

That also is my first major complaint, however. At first it seemed like the superheroes were poorly balanced, but on further reflection I feel like the deck is actually the source of the problem. It's so big that it's possible (however unlikely) that any given card type will be under-represented in any given game (card types including equipment, super power, villain, etc), meaning that at least one superhero is essentially impotent for the game.

Now, given statistics, this should help balance things in the long run, but for each discrete game it can be quite frustrating.

But, despite that, the awesome consequences and combos you can create are phenomenal, and the game has a very strong sense of power. It's fast paced, fun, and when played properly, can be fast.

If you've never played a deck building game before, DCDBG would be a fine place to start, but you'll need to scour the rules carefully. Like Dominion, everything is spelled out fairly well, but you definitely have to read about specific cases and loopholes.

The card text is always straightforward, and usually not very flashy (hahahaha....awww) [3]

If you're a DC fan, this game is definitely a blast. If you aren't, then most of the lore will be lost on you, but as a deckbuilder it's still a really good time.

If you're a seasoned deckbuilding fan, this game is still mostly Dominion with a new skin (and fewer expansions), but the differences make it stand out and I think it's one of the best deckbuilders on the market today.

If you hate card games and want to stick to games where you aren't forced to count, this game isn't for you.

Let me know what you think of The DCDBG!

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