Monday, February 9, 2015

HORSES! - Minecraft: Xbox One Horse Update Ryview

Minecraft: Xbox One, by Mojang.

First off, yes, I know, there are new things besides the horses. There are beacons, and withers, and bats, and some other stuff too.

But horses are the reason I wanted to come back. So there.

At any rate, I started playing Minecraft again, and I felt the need to re-ryview it for my loyal audience.


Honestly, the most important thing I can say about it is that it's still Minecraft. After putting it down for a few months, I'm engrossed again, but it still feels very much the same. I still spend hours fruitlessly mining for diamond and strongholds, and I still have way too many lava scares. However, there is a very important thing about horses that makes the game quite a bit more palatable.

Horses not only move quickly and reduce your need to eat so much, but they scale up 1 block levels instantly without the need for constant jumping and/or stairmastering. This means that traveling the world (and indeed, mostly the Extreme Hills biome) is unbelievably easier and less frustrating. It's a much quicker trip, and that definitely helps some Minecraft monotony.

I also have a large affinity for the bats. They aren't a hostile mob, nor do they have any loot drops (that I know of), so they're basically just loud decorations. And I love that, because there are too many evil mobs out there, especially in the deep dark chasms of Minecraft. I've lost track of how many times I've been surprised by that stray creeper, or that pig that just won't stop following me. Bats are much more pleasant.

Just look at those soulless eyes... [2]

I haven't done anything with the wither, but at the very least I think it's nice to add some new enemies and a boss into the mix. Every time Minecraft updates, they add enough flair to give it a nice new polish, and the wither definitely ups the exciting factor.

One mob I'm not fond of in the update is Witches. "But Ryan," you might say, thinking that I can somehow hear you, "You just said you like adding new enemies! Flair!" And I did just say that (or write it, anyway) but the Witches are stone cold evil. They hit you with potions and fight dirty, and they look like villagers. I really don't miss my witch-free days. They should also be burned as soon as we have enough stakes.

Pure, horrifying evil. For kids. [3]

Endermen are now also creepy as hell (or creepier as hell, if you found them creepy before). They have a lot more sounds when they agro on you (get aggressive towards you, I'm not sure if that's well known lingo). It sounds terrifying, and while the Endermen themselves have been left unchanged, that extra noise scares the crap out of me, and my crap is usually quite safe when I'm playing minecraft (with the obvious exception of that pig that just won't stop following me).

Oh God, he's still there! [2]

So, if you played Minecraft before and got sick of it, this update probably won't change your opinion, unless the entire reason you quit was because you refuse to jump. For anyone who has never played Minecraft, or just put it down for other pursuits, now is a great time to pick it back up and/or up for the first time.

But seriously, if you see a witch, run like the wind. Or kill it with lots of fire. Because it will show no mercy.

Just like that pig that just won't stop following me.

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