Monday, January 26, 2015

Ryan's India Ryview

Hi Everybody!

Are you wondering where I was for the past week?

Probably not, but that's okay. And I'm going to tell you anyway. I was in India!

That's right, the country.

Why didn't I post anything? Well, my computer wasn't working once I got there. I even pre-recorded some videos, but not having access to a working PC prevented me from posting anything.

So, I'm back, and I'll be trying to keep up with my usual schedule for the foreseeable future.

But for today, I'd like to take a break from ryviewing video games to ryview India (the country).


India, by Earth.

India is a country is South Asia that has over a billion people (and due to the unreliability of some of their data, it may or may not actually house more people than China).

Because I went there for business (not for this, for the job from which I actually earn a living wage), I was lucky enough to fly business class. And let me tell you, it was phenomenal. I flew KLM to Amsterdam, then Delta onto Mumbai. Both were great experiences. KLM has the nicest flight attendants I've ever met (although Southwest takes the cake for funniest), and the seats were very spacious. Delta had fairly good seats, but the legroom was a little cramped. Delta did have the biggest digital entertainment catalog of the bunch, very impressive.

The Airport Hilton was fantastic, with a very helpful staff. They were a little too helpful in some cases, very overeager to always open every door and help me with every little thing, which can feel a little claustrophobic at times, but I was usually quite appreciative. If you're ever in Mumbai, I highly recommend it.

I wouldn't say no to a sponsorship, just sayin'.

I was visiting a fabrication shop while I was there, and it was quite an experience being on the roads. If you're unfamiliar, Indian roads are a bit like lines at the grocery store: not many visibly marked lines, people pushing and shoving to get to the fastest checker, and a lot of loud ringing noises. Everyone was honking their horns, the lane lines on the road (when actually visible) seemed to mean nothing to the drivers, and there was a constant stream of taxis and motorcyclists passing on both the left and the right. It was horrifying, but to be fair I never once witnessed a single accident, either live or remaining in the road. Not a single one.

For anyone who has never skipped about a dozen timezones, it's pretty hard to adjust. The entire week I was rather tired, and for some reason I woke up at 3 AM nearly every day (I suspect there was a nearby hotel room with a loud alarm). But in general, I'd recommend bringing plenty of sleep aids (if you're into that kind of thing) and make sure you try to maintain the proper sleep schedule (including getting some sun during the daytime).

My flight back was with United, and it was a distant 3rd behind KLM and Delta as far as comfort. The food on all three is quite deplorable, but United had smaller seats and fewer perks.

Now I'm back, and I'm happily ready to keep talking about games. Right now, I'm working through Destiny: The Dark Below, the magician's pouch-free walkthrough of Gemcraft: Chapter 2, and a new idle game called Tangerine Tycoon.

Pictured: Wikipedia's representation of "Video Games"

So stay tuned for more to come!

Until next time,


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