Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ryviews Deal Roundup - December 4th, 2014

Hi Everybody!

Here are the deals for December 4th, 2014:

The Humble Bundle is still the Sega Bundle , featuring several classic Dreamcast games, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, Empire: Total War, and a few choice DLC packs for popular Sega games, as well as recent bundle additions like Sonic: Generations and Viking: Battle for Asgard.

The weekly bundle is Simulators 3, featuring Zoo Tycoon, Lunar Flight, and Car Mechanic Simulator 2014.

The Games with Gold in December feature Worms Battleground for Xbox One, as well as The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief for the Xbox 360.

In Deals with Gold, Metro: 2033 and it's sequels are being featured on the Xbox One, and Xbox 360 has gigantic list, featuring several Disney titles and several Pac-man titles.

Gamestop is running a PS4 deal featuring GTA V and The Last of US for $400, which is a pretty attractive price. With 2 very recent remasters, this is a fantastically cheap opportunity price for the console itself.

Amazon's "Gamer" deals holiday section has several headphones right now, so if you're looking for a good pair of gaming headphones now might be a good time to buy.

Crazy Taxi and Sega & Sonic Racing All Stars are both only $0.99 in the AppStore today, each down a few bucks.

I hope I saved you some money!

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