Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Riding Your Father's Corpse Through The Forest - Chariot Freebie Ryview

Chariot, by Frima.

Chariot is currently free via Xbox One Games with Gold until November 30th.

Worry not, fans of kid-friendly games with creepy undertones!

There are still games that can keep your itch for the creepy side of cute nice and scratched. Chariot is about a prince and a princess (who I think are engaged, not really sure) and they ride around on a chariot that I'm pretty sure is haunted by the princess's dead father. They ride him around the forest collecting treasure and blueprints so you can buy items from a friendly skeleton shopkeep that seems a little too cheerful. If this was a Pixar movie he would probably be the villain.

Chariot: The thrilling adventures of an thrill-seeking girl and her terrified looking fiance [2]

Anywho, enough about why the game is hurting my sleep at night. Honestly, I've rather enjoyed it. I've been playing in co-op, so I can't really vouch for the single-player experience, but this is a fantastic co-op game. It has a low amount of stress, because the only real consequence from enemies that I can see is that you get a little less treasure from the level. And while some of the puzzles are a little tricky, there's a nice "exploration" feature that lets your revisit levels and most of the difficult puzzles are optional, so only for those looking for the challenge.

Physics! [3]

It's a cute game with some fun physics and good problem solving. It has a nice learning curve, which can be a little frustrating early on as you breeze through a long, easy level, but it didn't take very long before the levels expanded their difficulty and complexity.

I'd recommend it to any puzzle game fans, and definitely to anyone looking for a fun co-op game.

Just don't think about who's possessing that chariot. Creepy...


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Let me know what you think of Chariot!

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