Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Oh God, I Hope I Get A Purple - Why I'm Still Playing Destiny

Hi Everybody!

I've made it to Level 20 in Destiny, which means I've started the epic journey of truth, justice, and grinding to find as many purple items as I can (2 so far...after way too many hours of gameplay). My light level is a whopping 23 and I can now do some impressive damage, but I'm a far cry away from being able to handle the daily and weekly missions without sobbing silently into a pillow.

It's my destiny to be underprepared for all of the challenges in this game. [1]

Honestly, when I first started Destiny, I wasn't too enthralled. It was an FPS RPG, which is definitely a genre that makes me happy I'm a gamer, but it just didn't really get going until I started leveling up my super and got my hands on a good auto rifle. Now, I'm happily completing bounties everyday with the hope that I'll be able to find a weapon that has that little purple flash when I decode it. And I'm lovin' it.

This game is McDonalds (a joke by Pete Holmes)

So why am I still playing Destiny? I'd say it's gotten to the point where I'm comfortable with my character and I love the way the shooter aspect of it plays out so it's fun to just jump into the fray and blast some bad guys. And with my recent interest in the Crucible, I'm open to many new opportunities of learning just how much I suck. So it's pretty rewarding.

The storyline is still not doing much for me, but as I said, the gameplay keeps me coming back. I like that the missions have a nice xp reward, but there's no suspense or hook to keep you on the edge of your couch. It's just kind of flat. I tend to think that the game has players mostly because of the loot, even though its drop mechanic is completely non-sensical.

Sweet Jesus, that's the most beautiful thing I've seen since I started this 5 hour Mountain Dew fueled grinding binge [2]

And while I'm on it, the xp mechanic is stupid too. A level 3 enemy giving the same xp as a level 13 enemy is a sin against gaming that should be punished severely. It makes no sense whatsoever and really boils my gaming blood. There really should be more incentive to fight higher level enemies. But at the same time, that's why I like bounties and missions. It gives me a reason to do that.

I'm interested to see how much I maintain my play time in Destiny after The Master Chief Collection comes out. I'm thinking it might affect my lust for Destiny, but all in all, I'm thinking I'll be playing it for quite awhile. At least right now, if I sit down and ask myself "Ryan, what do you want to play?", the answer is inevitably "Destiny", before I respond with "And why are you talking to yourself?" And I don't expect that to change even when I can inspect how glossy Master Chief's armor is or count the number of mustache hairs on Johnson's beautiful face.

Let me know why you're still playing Destiny! (I know you are, don't try to hide it)

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