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Using OCD to Combat The Blue Stuff - Creeper World 3 Video Ryview

Creeper World 3, by Knuckle Cracker.

Watch the video here:

My Recommendation: I hightly recommend this game to pretty much everyone. However, if the price gives you sticker shock, play Creeper World 3: Abraxis, the free flash demo for it. If you like that, then buy the full game.

Read the review below:

Creeper World is a series about a horrible semi-sentient natural disaster in the form of a blue goo destroying the galaxy. It's an amazing strategy game that I discovered in college and instantly fell in love with. Creeper World 2 changed the formula and essentially created a completely new game. With Creeper World 3, the roots of the first game are back in a big way with improvements across the board and fantastic new features.

The game is played from an aerial view, with the player controlling a deployable city that can then power other buildings. The destructive blue stuff is called Creeper, and it will spread from Creeper Nodes on the map, destroying any building it touches (most instantaneously). The game employs impressive heat transfer and fluid mechanics models for the creeper flow.

To counteract the creeper, the player must build weapons, such as blasters and mortar cannons. Elevation plays a big part, too, with blaster only being able to fire at their elevation and below, and mortars being much more effective on pools of creeper.

Everything I just described was true of the first game as well (and by the way, while I'm not ryviewing here, I do definitely recommend playing it if you've never gotten the chance).

So what sets this game apart?

For starters, the scope of this game is much grander. The campaign is quite a bit longer, and there are literally hundreds of already levels preloaded into the other game modes. They all kind of meld together in the end, but if you love the gameplay it's easy to drop for a few months and jump back into the new maps for a refreshing experience.

The actual battles are much improved too. The system through which you connect buildings to power requires proximity, and this extends that radius to allow for quite a bit more flexibility in your layout. I do plan on releasing a tips and tricks video, so if you're curious what I mean, you can watch that to learn how I lay out my maps.

One great new feature in this game is the ability to change the elevation of the landscape. The "TERP" as it's called lets you raise and lower pixels of the landscape, allowing the player to creating a plateau, a pool, or a super awesome fortress. This completely revolutionized the strategy of the game for me. Along with that, there's a great in battle upgrade system that allows you to improve practically everything about your base, as well as using unspent skill points to briefly nullify creeper nodes.

There are also energy packet delivery drones that can let you set up satellite bases and gigantic turrets that can autotarget the highest density of creeper on the map and decimate it.

Basically, there are dozens of way to properly beat pretty much every battle, and performing each one is a blast. This game has a fairly easy learning curve, it has a good mixture of strategy and fun, and it's a great introduction to real time strategy. I highly recommend this game to pretty much anyone, it's one of my favorites.

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Let me know what you think of Creeper World 3!

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