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The Birds Sure Have A Lot Of Hobbies - Angry Birds Go iOS Ryview

Angry Birds Go, by Rovio Entertainment.

My recommendation: It's a quality game, and it's free, but like Angry Birds Epic, the freemium and energy sides of the game may get on your nerves if you want to play it a lot.

Angry Birds Go is a racing game where you control birds (and occasionally pigs) in wooden makeshift karts as they zoom through tracks picking up coins and using their special powers. It's a fun arcade style racer with satisfying drifting and plentiful upgrades, as well as guided challenges and modes that keep you interested in each race.

Overall, I think the actually gameplay is very fun, albeit a little repetitive. The tracks are varied enough that the visuals don't get too stale, and the different modes offer several different challenges, from smashing fruit to avoiding wooden structures in the path. Those different modes keep the game from feeling like a repeat of the same thing over and over.

There are multiple different drivers, although as far as I can tell they make no difference in kart performance, as they're all on the same kart. The drivers each offer a unique special power, although you can only use it once per race for free (each successive use requires the premium currency). That means for the most part each driver just offers extra energy.

The awesome level of most of the powers is actually kind of lacking

The energy system is annoying, but passable. Each driver has 5 energy, which simply regenerates over time. But there are ads you can watch to refill your energy, or you can spend premium currency to refill. And the premium currency is surprisingly easy to come by for this style of game, with gems infrequently appearing in races and getting 10 each day if you have logged in for enough consecutive days and play the daily event.

The grinding required in this game is definitely where it loses some fun. The upgrades get ridiculously expensive, requiring you to beat several races to afford one upgrade. And each new kart is extremely expensive as well, with most of them requiring so many gems that it's basically a pay wall. But even the coins take forever to come by, so really each new kart and upgrade is a chore. The upgrades do seem to increase performance quite a bit, but that long slog to get them is really frustrating.

Poultry and Pork, together at last

This game is great for someone who loves racing games and taking breaks. If you pick it up for an hour or two spread across the day, it's a great game the even rewards you when you fail, so it's fairly low stress and you can slowly play your way through the game. If you're someone who wants to play it non stop, get ready to break your bank or watch a whole lot of advertisements (and still probably break your bank).


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Let me know what you think of Angry Birds Go!

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