Friday, August 1, 2014

Peggle: Tips and Tricks - Splork

My next tips and tricks video covers strategy for the Peggle Master Splork.

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Hi Everybody! It's Ryan from, and this is the next tips and tricks video for Peggle. Today I'm focusing on Splork.

He is one of my favorites, but his power can really be a dud if you're not careful. He's unfortunately probably one of the most stressful Masters to pick because you really need to only use him when the green peg can hit a large quantity of surrounding pegs. You also usually want the greens to be out of the general line of fire, so you don't accidentally hit them prematurely, that can really be a buzzkill.

When I'm using Splork, I pretty much always go for the purple peg. I know in my general tips and tricks video I said I do that anyway, but with Splork it's even more important. That way, even if you do accidentally hit the green, you're still maximizing your points. Usually I'll try to avoid the greens until the 2X multiplier, but that can depend on the level.

In general, I pretty always wait for the first time after the 2X multiplier when the purple appears in the blast radius of the green. And the more orange pegs in the vicinity, the better. That will pretty much guarantee a free ball, hopefully 2, and it can score some serious points.

I would like to caution, though, that you want to still try to get some bouncing in after the blast. Obviously, you don't want the blast to be the only thing your ball does. So try to get a shot that, while still guaranteeing the green explosion, you'll keep the ball alive for a little while. An explosion is good, but an explosion followed by an all around good round is even better.

If the greens are poorly placed, such as isolated spots or easy to accidentally hit locations, you probably want to steer clear of him or just plain restart. And unfortunately, his powers can be pretty much useless if you accidentally hit a bunch of the pegs surrounding the green. But it really is worth the effort and maybe a few level attempts just to get the big score.

On the Peggle Master Leaderboard, I put him in 3rd.

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