Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Peggle: Tips and Tricks - Kat Tut

My next tips and tricks video covers strategy for the Peggle Master Kat Tut.

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Hi Everybody! It's Ryan from ryviews.com, and this is the next tips and tricks video for Peggle. This is focusing on Master Kat Tut.

Kat Tut's power is the pyramid bucket, which lasts for a whopping 5 turns. That's the longest lasting power in the game, and it's nice because it doesn't take any effort. This is a power that requires little to no forethought or planning. It's difficult (at least for me) to really line up shots such that I make sure they utilize the power, it's just a nice safety net. It's not really ever not useful, it's pretty universal. That makes it a nice go to power for almost any occasion.

That being said, I'm not really a big fan of it. While I like the hands off approach, there isn't really much strategy involved. I can't come up with any case where Kat Tut is definitely more useful than another power. It's just not focused enough. There's no player interaction, it doesn't matter when in the level you hit it, it's just there.

Now, there are still some finer points to him. If you use him later in the level when you're trying to do the single peg shots across the screen, you want to trend early. That way if you overshoot you can bounce off the pyramid and get in. This is also a nice way to get a few style points, but the amount you get is pretty tiny compared to other style shots.

I personally like hitting him early, because it's tough to gauge where the ball will go when you have a field full of pegs. But for the most part, like I said, it really doesn't matter when you use him.

I'd recommend using him if you're having trouble beating a level. He'd be useful to just give you a little leeway on your shots. But I wouldn't ever use him to rack up points or get 100% on a level.

For the leaderboard, I put him in last place.

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