Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Peggle: Tips and Tricks - Bjorn the Unicorn

My next tips and tricks video covers strategy for the Peggle Master Bjorn.

Watch it here.

Read my Peggle review here.

Read the transcript of the video below:
Hi Everbody! It's Ryan from ryviews.com, and I'm here doing the next installment of Peggle: Tips and Tricks. This entry is focusing on Bjorn.

There's a link to my full review of Peggle in this video description.

Bjorn is the first Peggle Master you unlock, and I must confess that I don't use him much. However, depending on the stage and challenge you're presented with, his skills can be very useful. He uses the Super Guide, which shows you the direction your ball will go (to a certain extent). It has a lasting effect for multiple shots, which is nice, and it's also a very good introduction into the game because it really just makes it easier to line up complicated shots.

Bjorn is great for a few reasons. One, as I just said, it's a great way to learn how to line up some killer moves. He is by far the best way for a new player to get a feel for the way the ball will bounce in certain situations. He's like training wheels, it's to ease you into the world of geometry. And even for some more seasoned players, he can be pretty useful for a dry run before you try to make some of these difficult shots blindly.

But Bjorn can also be useful for matches where you're trying to rack up points. While it seems like he might not be very useful on the surface, on some stages he can practically guarantee you a super long shot, which is worth 50000 points. That's a fantastic little bonus. And even if you just use it to nail that perfect purple peg shot, that could still help you get over the line for a free ball. So he's really more than meets the eye.

For the Peggle Master Leaderboard, I'd put him in 4th place.

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