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Kittens Commiting Fox Genocide - Strikeforce Kitty Video Ryview

Strikeforce Kitty, by Deqaf Studio.

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Hi Everybody! It's Ryan from Today I'm reviewing Strikeforce Kitty, by Deqaf Studio.

You can find a link to the written review in the video description.

Deqaf studio also did the game Dangerous Adventure, which I recently reviewed.

Strikeforce Kitty is a pretty cool meld of a lot of different genres. It's a runner game where you're fighting bad guys, collecting loot, and leveling up your characters. It's tremendously fun and the enemies you face appeal to pretty much every fandom I can think of. However, the grinding got to me as I progressed through the game.

The gameplay is through 4 kittens fighting bad guys and re-appropriating their equipment to gain buffs. You also level up as you collect the fish currency, which is then used to upgrade your stats as well. That worked well, and there was quite a bit of strategy in choosing which pieces of equipment to give to which kittens. For example, you wanted to give your kittens in the back long ranged weapons and lots of firepower because the characters in front bore more of the attack damage.

The armor sets happily give a small bonus when you wear them together, which is a nice perk, and it also shows a nice written label above your kitten in the armor select screen. Pretty good, but I would have definitely appreciated more powerful bonuses when combining the corresponding pieces of armor. The enemies were all styled like famous (or indie) icons, like V from V for Vendetta, Marge from the Simpsons, Freddy Kruger, and Gandalf. Even the bosses were generally making fun of some icon. That made each advancement very satisfying.

However, the game definitely suffered from the extreme amounts of grinding required. After you beat the first area, you start having to worry about your endurance, because you can only run so far. But the enemies are also much harder and pack a bigger punch. So you're really assaulted from all sides and it become very difficult to level up or even get new pieces of armor. And the enemy difficulty seems to scale faster than the equipment they drop, meaning you have to level up and dodge enemies strategically to make any sort of headway. Honestly, I was stuck in the third area for dozens of playthroughs, which just got unbearable. The difficulty ramps up way too fast for the game to be enjoyable in the later stages.

So I highly recommend this game for a little while (especially until you find the X-men characters), but honestly after you find yourself doing nothing but grinding, you should really only stick with it if you're really into the game. Otherwise, move on to bigger and better things.

For the scorecard, it's a time value of 7, since the time before the unnecessary grinding was fun and I would have been happy if the game ended by that point anyway, money value of 10, originality of 9, this is a pretty cool concept and it's a unique implementation of it, ryplayability of 5, the controls were a little too unresponsive sometimes and in a game where properly timed jumps were required to dodge obstacles and enemies, that really soured the experience, and fulfillment of 5, because the grinding really discouraged me, unfortunately. That gives a total of 7.0.

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