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Flinging Animals Into The Air - 5 Best Flash Launch Games

In my Ryviews Countdowns, I'll be discussing some of my favorite games in a particular genre. Today, I'm counting down my 5 favorite Flash Launch Games.

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Hi Everybody! It's Ryan from ryviews.com. Welcome to my very first Ryviews Countdown. In each Countdown I'll be discussing some of my favorite games in a particular genre. Today, I'm counting down my 5 favorite Flash Launch Games.

5) Toss the Turtle

Toss the Turtle is a classic launch game, and I think it really set a standard for the extensive, endless launch title that really never ends until you're sick of mutilating the turtle. The upgrades were numerous, and while grinding was certainly a must, it didn't get boring and most of the upgrades were very satisfying to play with after you unlocked them. It wasn't the first launch game I played, but it was definitely a mainstay in my formative flash gaming years.

4) Flight

Flight is an ingenious game that actually weaved in a heartwarming story and high levels of post launch control. Some launch games give you very little maneuverability after you fire, but Flight it great because you control your paper airplane to pick up powerups and satisfy various challenges. Those challenges keep you replaying the game, and while some have me pulling my hair out, in general they were a fun challenge and encouraged the player to make every launch count. And throwing the plane with a swipe is definitely a unique concept.

3) Hedgehog Launch 2

Hedgehog Launch is a vertical game in a sea of horizontal games. There are other vertical launch titles, but usually they suffer from poor visibility and repetitive gameplay. Hedgehog Launch 2 is a very straightforward, simple concept that is taken to its extreme by making the Hedgehog's launch infinite (or also infinite) after you've upgraded to the top. The stress and fun involved in finding the best bouncers to get the most money and height is definitely a staple of the game, and the extreme difficulty of the Kongregate badges make this game a frequent "prove your skills" entry.

2) Burrito Bison Revenge

This is the second sequel on my list, and like the evolution of Hedgehog Launch, this sequel delivered much bigger and better thrills than its predecessor. The upgrades were very well balanced, although the grinding was frustrating when you'd be trying to get past certain doorways in the game. But in general, level of control is limited but still powerful, and there's enough strategy to keep the player entertained. However, Burrito Bison's strong suit is the powerups. Making the Bison a cowboy, a motorist, or Nyan cat is really incomparable in its insanity and hilarity.

1) Learn to Fly 2

Learn to Fly 2 is probably my favorite launch game. I don't want to call it the best, but it is definitely the one that I could see myself playing over and over again without getting bored. It has tremendous amounts of customization, lots of challenges, nearly a dozen easter eggs, and some pretty insanely difficult challenges. The different game modes help keep the game fresh, and the aerodynamics of the game satisfy the nerd in me quite successfully. This is a must for anyone who plays flash games. You won't regret it.

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