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A Glimpse Into The Seedy Underbelly of Gotham's Fan Clubs - Gotham City Imposters Freebie Ryview

Gotham City Imposters, by Monolith Productions.

Gotham City Imposters is available via Xbox Live Games With Gold until July 15th.

Gotham City Imposters is a colorful, hilarious take on concept of idiots dressing up like their superhero/supervillian idols and brutally murdering each other. It is a multiplayer shooter that has no campaign or single player mode (except for a few challenges). You either player the Batz or the Jokerz (sic, unless you're insane), but it's like the red team vs the blue team in Halo; there's no functional difference.

The game is livened by a fun leveling system that allows you to slowly unlock more costume pieces for your character, voices, calling cards (with fun backgrounds and catchphrases) and weapons. There are a few pre-built loadouts, but as you progress you can create your own to fit your personal play style.

Similarly to BeGone (which I reviewed this morning), the balance is well maintained despite the inclusion of experience based perks. Because you're able to unlock each one at your own discretion, if you find a play style you like early on you may not care to ever keep upgrading. You're just as powerful after about level 10 as you would be after 80 if you find your niche.

The comedy in the game is well included. You hear a slogan from your killer every time, and there are several options. However, this backfires when you're playing new characters and/or characters  who just don't care because you end up hearing the default dialogue several dozen times in a match. That gets a little grating, but it's still a nice touch.

When the Batz win, "Who's laughing now, ass-clowns?!"

The equipment and perks are definitely a plus. There are gliders, spring shoes, grappling hooks, homemade explosives, and a whole lot of other ill-advised gadgets for the untrained crimefighter. It keeps the game exciting as you learn to use each one, and it helps give you a real Batman feel.

There are only 4 modes, and you can't select the map you're on directly (if enough of the players veto a map, it cycles to the next one), so each match can kind of blend in together. But the maps are expansive and there are lots of different areas that demand different tactics. A good blend of open, snipe friendly territory and closed off shotgun friendly territory. There's also a Bow and Arrow, so that's nice.

If you pick this up while it's free, it's definitely worth a spin or two. However, given that I have to install 4 compatibility packs when I first ran the game, make sure you allow at least an hour (probably 2 or 3) from download to play. And I think it's worth playing through for at least level 10, then decide if you want to keep ranking up to unlock more catchphrases and other items, or put it away and forget about it. I think the gameplay will get stale after a few solid hours if you don't enjoy the quirks.

Also, a word to the wise, I'm not very good at Gotham City Imposters so I popped Halo 4 in to feel better about myself. The control schemes are so different that I got slaughtered for at least 3 matches. So either don't switch between games too quickly or be prepared for a serious mind fuck.

Seriously, who runs by clicking the thumbstick?

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Let me know what you think of Gotham City Imposters!

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